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Hairline Lowering in Mission Viejo, CA

Elevate Your Confidence:
Hairline Lowering in Mission Viejo, CA

A smaller forehead compared with other areas of the face makes the face look smaller and younger. A high or receding hairline can impact your overall aesthetic, affecting your confidence and self-image. At Orange County Surgical Specialists, we understand the significance of achieving facial harmony. Explore the transformative benefits of Hairline Lowering, a procedure designed to redefine your hairline and restore a youthful, confident appearance.

Dr. Reza Bolourian, our double board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon, specializes in meticulous incisions and minimal scarring, ensuring a personalized approach to meet your unique aesthetic goals. Discover the journey to a rejuvenated and harmonious balance between the forehead, midface, and lower face at Orange County Surgical Specialists.

Forehead Reduction at Orange County Surgical Specialists

At Orange County Surgical Specialists, we take pride in offering unparalleled expertise in facial aesthetics. Led by the renowned Dr. Reza Bolourian, our Mission Viejo plastic surgery center is synonymous with meticulous incisions and minimal scarring. Explore the possibilities of enhancing your forehead and hairline with our cutting-edge procedures.

What is
Hairline Lowering?

As a general rule, a smaller forehead compared to the other areas of the face makes the face look smaller and younger. Hairline Lowering, also referred to as Forehead Reduction, is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to address a high hairline. This procedure is usually sought after by individuals who are unhappy with their long foreheads, which may create an unbalanced or disproportionate appearance. Dr. Bolourian, a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, employs advanced techniques to lower the hairline, creating a harmonious balance between the forehead and the rest of the facial features.

During the procedure, precise incisions are made to reshape the forehead and adjust the hairline to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Dr. Bolourian takes great care to achieve a natural-looking result that is tailored to the unique needs and desires of each patient.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

Are you looking to improve your facial appearance and boost your confidence? Dr. Bolourian can help you achieve a more balanced and proportional facial appearance with a rejuvenated and harmonious hairline. You will enjoy a more youthful and attractive facial contour thanks to Dr. Bolourian's expertise in a personalized approach. He will tailor the results to your unique features, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome. With his years of experience, you can trust Dr. Bolourian to provide you with exceptional care and results that exceed your expectations.

Am I a candidate for Hairline Lowering?

Hairline Lowering is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is perfect for people who may have a high hairline. Although this procedure can be performed in male patients, the ideal patient is an older adult who is seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment such as a facelift. For those individuals, a forehead reduction surgery can be an adjunct to the overall aesthetic treatment. Forehead shortening surgery is also ideal for a young adult female with a congenitally long forehead. Those individuals may achieve a more harmonious facial balance by forehead shortening surgery.

It is important to recognize that hairline lowering and forehead reduction surgery are mostly beneficial to patients with scalp redundancy and good scalp mobility.

During a consultation, Dr. Bolourian will thoroughly evaluate your cosmetic goals, medical history, and facial anatomy to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. He will explain the entire process to you, including the risks and benefits of the operation, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the treatment.

If you are a suitable candidate, Dr. Bolourian will create a personalized treatment plan that suits your unique needs and preferences. He will also provide you with pre-operative and post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Hairline Lowering Mission Viejo, CA  Rancho Santa Margarita

Consultation and Preparation

The initial consultation is a crucial step in understanding your goals and expectations. Dr. Bolourian will discuss the procedure in detail, address any concerns, and tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs. Preparation typically involves minimal steps, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.


The procedure involves making precise incisions to lower the hairline and reshape the forehead. Throughout the process, anesthesia is used to ensure your comfort and minimize any discomfort. The length of the procedure varies depending on the extent of work required, but Dr. Bolourian's efficiency ensures optimal results with minimal duration. With his knowledge and experience, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

As the initial swelling subsides, patients who undergo this treatment can expect to see noticeable results. The refreshed and balanced hairline achieved through this procedure is designed to enhance overall appearance and boost confidence. Recovery is typically a short process, and patients will receive specific aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results and minimize the risk of scarring.

Hairline Lowering Mission Viejo, CA  Rancho Santa Margarita

Can you get a brow lift with forehead shortening surgery?

Yes, the procedures are performed through the same incisions. If you are interested in shortening the forehead and lifting your eyebrows, it is very common and efficient to perform both procedures at once.

Can men have forehead reduction surgery?

Yes, a man with a high hairline who is not actively losing hair may be considered for forehead reduction surgery. A thorough history of your risk factors will determine if you are a good candidate. Men with thinning hair or active hair loss are not candidates for forehead reduction surgery and should seek hair transplant surgery before considering forehead reduction.

Hairline Lowering Mission Viejo, CA  Rancho Santa Margarita

Why Orange County Surgical Specialists?

Choosing Orange County Surgical Specialists ensures you receive care from a double board-certified surgeon with a dedication to excellence. Dr. Bolourian exclusively performs facial aesthetic surgery. Our focus on personalized care and natural-looking outcomes reflects our pursuit of facial aesthetic perfection.

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Hairline Lowering Frequently Asked Questions

Hairline Lowering is performed under twilight with local anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience. Dr. Bolourian prioritizes patient comfort throughout the procedure.

Hairline Lowering is a safe and well-established cosmetic procedure when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Bolourian. The pretrichial incision (hairline incision) may seem very aggressive to some patients seeking this surgery. It is, in fact, a very safe and effective yet inconspicuous scarring surgical method.

Yes, the results of Hairline Lowering are permanent, providing a long-lasting improvement in the appearance of the hairline.

A Forehead Reduction starts with a pretrichial incision along the existing hairline, a place that easily camouflages scarring. Scarring is typically discreet and well-concealed within the natural hairline, especially with proper aftercare for your incision.

For detailed information on the cost of Hairline Lowering and to discuss financing options, please contact our office for a personalized consultation. Forehead reduction surgery cost may range from $8,000-$12,000.

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