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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo Laser Skin Resurfacing
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Laser Tailored to You

Laser skin resurfacing offers optimal precision for renewing, refreshing, and rejuvenating your complexion. While earlier lasers were only suitable for certain patients, advancements have allowed for enhanced versatility without compromising precision. With our laser skin resurfacing Mission Viejo patients have a non-surgical solution for a broad range of skin-related concerns, to give you smoother, younger-looking skin. At Orange County Surgical Specialists, we pride ourselves on offering the safest and most effective treatments available today. Learn about how the Sciton Contour TRL offers an exceptional experience and exquisite results, and schedule your consultation to discuss laser skin resurfacing in Mission Viejo.

A Fresh Start

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing causes controlled damage to the skin’s surface and underlying layers to stimulate cellular turnover. As the body floods the skin with collagen, the dull, damaged cells are destroyed and replaced with fresh, healthy cells. As a result, skin appears smoother, brighter, and firmer. Unlike other laser resurfacing treatments, the Sciton Contour TRL offers minimal downtime, helping you look your best without impacting your busy schedule.

What are the Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Bright & Youthful

Laser skin resurfacing effectively addresses a broad range of skin-related issues, delivering a brighter, more radiant complexion, a smoother texture, and increased elasticity. Our versatile Sciton TRL skin resurfacing system allows us to tailor each patient’s procedure to their unique set of concerns, from surface-level treatment to addressing damage in the deeper layers of skin, ensuring that you receive the highest quality treatment and results. Laser skin resurfacing has the power to produce such results as:

  • Refined pores
  • Firmer-looking skin
  • Reduction in sun damage
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhanced collagen and elastin production
  • Brightening of pigment-related concerns, like hyperpigmentation
Laser Skin Resurfacing  Rancho Santa Margarita

Your Mission Viejo Laser Skin Resurfacing Consultation

Your Personalized Path

During your Mission Viejo laser skin resurfacing consultation with dual board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Reza Bolourian, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns in detail, as well as your specific goals for treatment. Dr. Bolourian will assess your skin and medical history to determine if skin resurfacing will give you your ideal outcome and help you create your optimally personalized treatment plan.

Your Mission Viejo Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Beautiful Skin in Minutes

For your laser treatment Mission Viejo cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bolourian, will provide you with protective eyewear. Depending on the depth of your treatment, he may apply a topical numbing solution or use local anesthesia to ensure your most comfortable experience. Once you are ready, Dr. Bolourian will use a handheld applicator to administer your laser treatment throughout the targeted area. This process takes just 15 to 30 minutes, and you will be free to head home immediately after your appointment.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Results

Youthful Skin For Years

Your laser resurfacing results will appear as your skin heals, with improvements continuing for three to six months after your procedure as cellular turnover takes place. You can expect your fresh, rejuvenated appearance to last for several years. You can maintain your look with follow-up treatment as needed, other in-office procedures, and an at-home skincare regimen.

Laser Skin Resurfacing  Rancho Santa Margarita

Laser Skin Resurfacing Recovery and Aftercare

Complexion Transformation

Following your treatment, you should expect some redness, swelling, and mild discomfort. Most patients say their skin feels similar to a sunburn. For a lighter treatment, you should expect your recovery to take about three to five days. For a deeper treatment, it can take up to two weeks for your skin to heal. You may notice some lingering redness after this period, but this will resolve as the increased collagen works to renew your skin’s cells.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Frequently Asked Questions

Because the TRL laser resurfacing system is completely customizable, you can achieve optimal results with a single session. This means easier, more efficient treatment with less total downtime.

The TRL system is safe for all skin types and tones, making it an effective option for virtually any patient with signs of aging, textural imperfections, uneven skin, enlarged pores, and other concerns about their complexion. During your consultation, Dr. Bolourian will make a thorough assessment to determine your candidacy for treatment.

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