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Kybella in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo Double Chin Reduction
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Sleeker, Slimmer Contours

Submental fat or fat beneath the chin can conceal your most youthful contours, preventing you from realizing your most youthfully defined look. While liposculpture used to be the premier solution to a double chin, there is now a safe, effective, and all-around easier option. Kybella is the world’s first and only injectable lipolysis treatment designed specifically to eliminate excess fat below the chin. With a few simple injections, you can now melt away fat to reveal sleeker, slimmer contours. Learn more, and schedule your consultation to discuss revolutionary Kybella treatment in Mission Viejo at Orange County Surgical Specialists.

Your Most Sculpted Look Made Easy

What is Kybella?

Excess submental fat can add pounds and years to your appearance. Excess fat stored in this area is often disproportionate to fat in other areas of the body. You can achieve a significantly more sculpted and youthful look by reducing fat beneath the chin.

Kybella allows you to permanently reduce submental fat for enhanced definition in the chin and jawline. Eliminating the need for incisions, sedation, and lengthy recovery, Kybella requires very little in terms of invasiveness and downtime. Kybella is a prescription chemical lipolysis treatment containing deoxycholic acid that gradually melts fat upon injection. As every patient’s anatomy is unique, Kybella requires the precision of a skilled and experienced injector to produce your most exquisite results. At Orange County Surgical Specialists, you can rest assured that a highly qualified injection provider will administer your treatment with your best outcome in mind.

What are the Benefits of Kybella?

Contour without compromise

Safety, convenience, and efficacy make Kybella Mission Viejo patients' superior choice for achieving a more sculpted look in the lower face and neck. Designed exclusively to treat submental fullness, it eliminates or minimizes risks associated with surgical solutions, such as complications from anesthesia, adverse reactions, significant recovery, and over-treatment. Kybella is faster, more comfortable, more effective, and more affordable than surgery, yet it can deliver the same (or better) long-lasting results for most patients.

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Your Mission Viejo Kybella Consultation

Your best look begins here

While Kybella is safe and ideal for the majority of patients, like every medical procedure, your candidacy depends on a thorough assessment by a medical professional. During your consultation, your injection provider will consider the condition of your concerns, medical history, and desired outcome to ensure that Kybella is right for you.

Your Mission Viejo Kybella Procedure

Stress-Free Treatment

Our Mission Viejo Kybella process is quick and easy, requiring little to no preparation and taking only a few minutes in our office. You may receive a topical anesthetic to ensure your most comfortable experience, but Kybella is generally quite tolerable. Depending on your anatomy, your injection provider will administer a series of 15 to 25 Kybella injections throughout the area beneath your chin. You will be free to return to your day as soon as your treatment is complete. Most patients undergo two to four treatments to achieve optimal results.

Kybella Results

A Well-Defined Future

You will begin to notice the effects of your Mission Viejo Kybella treatment beginning about four weeks after your appointment. However, your results will continue to develop as lipolysis progresses. One of the beautiful things about lipolysis is that fat cells do not reproduce, meaning the fat you lose with Kybella will stay gone forever.

Kybella Mission Viejo, CA  Rancho Santa Margarita

Kybella Recovery and Aftercare

Downtime: Zero

You will be able to return to all of your regular daily activities immediately after your treatment. However, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and tenderness around injection sites for a week or two after your procedure.

Kybella Frequently Asked Questions

You should avoid extreme temperatures (such as a sauna) and strenuous exercise for a minimum of 24 hours after your treatment. It is also important that you do not consume alcohol for at least 72 hours to help your body heal as quickly as possible.

You can expect to notice a difference after just one treatment with Kybella. However, the total number of treatments you will need to achieve your ideal results will depend on how much fat is present and how your body responds to treatment.

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